Christmas is a time for solidarity

A contribution from Lee Jameson, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Newquay and St. Austell

With the festive season upon us at the end of a tough year for millions, we should now reassert solidarity with our fellow man.

This year has seen the global economy stumble further and unemployment rise across North America and Europe. That is not a matter of statistics. And it is not just some concern to the markets. It is people losing their livelihoods and with it the certainty and security we all desperately want for our families.

The mortgage chaos of recent years has also meant people giving up or being cast out of their homes. And again, this is happening well beyond our national borders.

Meanwhile the hardship of life in the poorest parts of the world continues as severe weather, political turmoil, and deadly disease kill and disrupt the lives of billions.

So as we prepare to enjoy Turkey and mince pies on the 25th of December, or perhaps the seventh of January, we should remember that Christmas is about our duty to one another.

I’m not talking about compassion for those in need, but solidarity. If one of us is in trouble, we are all in trouble. That is why we pay taxes, donate to charities, and give our time generously to help those most in need. It isn’t because there but for the grace of go we. It is because we are there with them already.

But this year has not only seen the suffering of many. It has also seen the prosperity of an undeserving few.

In the past people talked of a politics of envy. But the nation has not grown angry at bankers’ bonuses and MPs’ expenses because we are envious. We have grown angry because as our collective lives get harder it frustrates us to see callous people share no solidarity with those whose hardships make their privileged lives possible.

To see people carry on regardless is one of the hardest things for a Labour supporter. It spits in the face of every man woman and child in the country who believes that people can and should be better than the selfish and uncaring stereotype some people revel in being.

So as we enter the New Year we must remember to lead by example and act with solidarity in our hearts. Doing that will improve the world despite the efforts of those who avoid their responsibilities.

Merry Christmas

Lee Jameson

PPC Newquay and St. Austell


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